TVL Consulting

What is it:
Logo design

what I did:
Creative concept, graphic design

TVL is a small strategic consultancy specialised in media sales for the luxury industry.
We worked on their logo in 2013 for the first time and again in 2016 for a redesign, following the firm's restatement of its vocation as a media sales operator catering exclusively for the luxury industry.
To reflect this, the logo presents clean shapes and a thin typeface, conveying class and minimalism.
Nonetheless, the characters' ample width and the rounded form channel the boldness of a luxurious life style.
The 2013 logo reflects the will to target a wider, less exclusive range of clients, with a design that embodies professionalim, rigour but also flexibility, required to enter the market as a generalist consulting firm, as per the founders' intention at the time.